una domenica da buzzcocks!

 jim che ce la racconta!...
Pranzo Domenicale con Alcuni Buzzers (06.04.2003)

“Oi, Buzzcocks!” Orlavo allungo Fondamenta Minotto a duo figure nella distanza girando vagando nella direzione apposta. 
Mr S Diggle and Mr T Barber continue hunting down allusive vegetarian scrammy yum-yum in Venice. 

L'altro gruppetto di Pete Shelly, drummer Flat-Pack Phil & ragazza + “il zio” tecnico suono Raf

Tocai is pinkish informs Raf, what's with these gay flags for peace? The bastards sewed their cocks to the inside of their mouths in Aden, Royal Airforce Brylcreem boys, rhesus monkey sexual strategy. They're not chuffed with the Mestre gig, somethings gone wrong again, and again, Flat-Pack Phil, the 'ammers, Pete orders a plate of black, Manchester Lesser Free Trade Hall, Johnny Lydon leader of the PIL gang, Paul McCartney, H Devoto, United Artists, Hugh Cornwell and James Bond, John Barry, Oliver Twist. Epicurus, UK Subs and a bucket of vomit are happy as punch, Japanese jeans, Torci "I was a punk in Venice since 1977”  - Pete “I'm fro' '76 me”. The strangeness of Whalley Range - ha, ha, ha, grappa, grappa - good this... 

concerto italiano
giovedì 16 Dicembre 2010