le 3 domande di jim sunderland per The Wet Teens

JS: Your press release tells the story of the original sexually adventurous Mic Mercury dying of VD yet being a christian scientist, the discovery of old demo tapes after a house fire and the Let It Pee album resulting from that. If I believe this press release account to be true am I:
A. easily bamboozled by poppy-cock?
B. right on the button?
C. a christian scientist who knows?
Michael Mercury: you are right on the button like poppy-cock on a christian scientists nose.

JS: As Pee has been well received, could you tell us if the WTs are working on a swallow-up album and when might it be released?
Michael Mercury: "swallow up" might just be the title! we were also thinking of "kingdom cum". but yes, we will get back in the studio, just for you. my uncle also left a book of lyrics behind with some loose song structures, so we will do our best to uphold the legacy of the wet teens.

JS: Give us some background on the 4 dudes - are you all from the Myrtle Bay area, does the drummer's bag ever come off, how important is christian science for the band, any chance you'll be playing with scat vocals in the near future?
Michael Mercury: Drums took off the bag once, and he actually had no head, therefore he didn't get any head! since this freaky occurrence, I'm wondering if he actually is a ghost of the original wet teens. The rest of us just vacation in Myrtle Beach and perform in the area when not hanging out in Ron Jeremy's hot tub. Rumors are swarming about a tour of the sub continent.

JS: No more questions.
Michael Mercury: ps assanova consumes bran exclusively.

JS: Mi piace loro. Lyrics tanto tanto porco. Più verso la vera sensa/sensabilità di punk di '76-77