Les Mysteres des voix voulgaires

scarica (rapidshare)
Allegato alla rivista anarchica A/Rivista Anarchica
 realizzata dalla milanese Divergo. 
Compilata da Marco Pandin
Les Mysteres des voix voulgaires:

  • Rhythm Activism ‘The Black Flag’ (2:27)
    Norman Nawrocki: vocals
    Dem Stink: percussion

  • André Duchesne ‘God Economy’ (7:06)
    André Duchesne: voice and guitar
    Jean Derome: flutes & choir
    René Lussier: bass clarinet & vocals
    Benoit Fauteux: 2nd voice

  • Christoph Gallio ‘Controlled Love Songs 1 & 2′ (3:41)
    Christoph Gallio: saxophone

  • Gigi Masin/Wind ‘Almanac’ (2:31)
    Gigi Masin: keyboards
    Alessandro Monti: vocals, electric bass
    Alessandro Pizzin: keyboards

  • Kulu Hatha Mamnua ‘Kulu Hatha Mamnua’ (4:50)
    Fizzè: arrangements & production
    Gilles-V. Rieder: percussion
    Cédric Vuille: clarinet
    Marie Schwaab: violin
    Daniel Brunner: trombone

  • Peeni Waali ‘Peeni Waali (Version)’ (3:36)
    Fizzè: bass, panflutes, sanzas, percussion
    Gilles-V. Rieder: balafon, percussion
    Cédric Vuille: clarinet

  • André Duchesne ‘Emlak’ (8:28)
    André Duchesne: voice and guitar
    René Lussier: drums
    Pierre St.-Jak: electric piano
    Pierre Cartier: bass

  • David Moss ‘Language Linkage’ (5:11)
    David Moss: voice & percussion

  • Mark Howell ‘Big Footed Man’ (5:35)
    Mark Howell: electric guitar & voice
    Tony Maimone: bass
    June Dunaway: classical guitar & vocal harmony
    David Shea: voice-percussion (beat box)

  • Judas 2 ‘Four Faces of Two Faces’ (3:00)
    Pete Wright and Penny Cullen: instruments & vocals

  • Barbarie Légère ‘Moloko’ (3:50)

  • Guigou Chenevier: drums and percussion
    Guy Sapin: baritone guitar
    Yves Ranchon: guitar

  • Eugene Chadbourne ‘Big John Loved His Dick’ (3:44)
    Eugene Chadbourne: guitar & vocals
    Elliot Sharp: dobro
    Allan Bishop: bass
    Charles Gaucher: drums

  • Kulu Hatha Mamnua ‘Cuisine’ (4:06)
    Fizzè and Pascal Cuche: kitchen tools

  • Gigi Masin/Wind ‘Valentine’ (2:21)
    Gigi Masin: piano & vocals
    Alessandro Monti: electric bass
    Alessandro Pizzin: keyboards

  • Christoph Gallio ‘Controlled Love Songs 3 to 6′ (6:20)
    Christoph Gallio: saxophone