Sister Breeze

Breeze is a strong dynamic force blowing in the Jamaica International entertainment industry. She will easilyblow your brain and capture your heart with herheartpoundingwordmusic. She can be soft, gentle, and soothing or harsh and ice-biting. Breeze is an extremely talented sister laden with creativity.
She was born in Patty Hill, Hanover, Jamaica and named Jean Lumsden.from the tender age of six she started her performancecareer in the annual Speech festival. This chennel wasto provide long term avenuefor the developmentof her artistic career. Her grandma also groomed her in the in jamaican folk tradition, sitting her in her lap and singing her folk songs and folk tales. These childhood experienceswere later to become the rich fertile soil to nuture her artistic career.
Jean attended Rusea's High School In Lucea, Hanover, where she excelled academically passing her GCE A'level exam. After graduation she joined the staff of Rusea's teaching English and Geography. She wenton to the Jamaica School of Drama and Dance where she found professional grooming for her natural skills. there she met her trailblazing contemporaries Mikey Smithand Oku Onuora. well known jamaican poet and educator dennis Scottwas the principal of Drama school then.
during her time at the school breeze was instrumental in starting a theatre group called REEZN, wich produced a play written by Breeze for the international Year of Child, 1979.
Breeze then sojourned to the hills of Clarendon where she recived her rastafari groundings and become the dreadlockedfarmer queen. She adjustedto a new way of life, and the period of hills retreat proved perfect meditation, which gave her deep insights. She also practised on the drum and guitar sharpening her music skills. Breeze made a dramatic return to the hub of Jamaican entertainmentscene with a release titled "slip", produced by Mutabaruka. The record continued her educational work in a new and exciting form as she fused the rhythms of her real life experinces with her message lyrics. She also published her first collection of poetry voiced deep concerns for the treatment of women by the Jamaican male, citing her real experinces. Breeze however did not limit her concerns to personal issue, but addressed wider social and political issues."aid travels with a bomb" demostrates this.
Breeze made her debut as solo performer on the Reggae Sunsplash ?83 showcase. So dynamic was her act she was booked for a repeat the following year.Rave reviews of this performance ushered her unto internationalstage. She released two tracks on another compilation album, "woman talk".
Jean "Binta" Breeze is well poised with her multi-dimentionaltalents as writer, dancer, actress, performer, dubpoe, and teacher to make significantimpact on an international scale. She is the first jamaican female to be making these strides alonside her male counterparts.
The force of this coltured woman's energy is strong and captivating. Watch out!!

AUGUST 17, 1987
riddym ravings è stato pubblicato nel 1987 da ROIR esclusivamente su musicassetta.